Damian Lillard neglect new insult cart track as Shaq feud go on

Shaquille O’Neal feature come up himself a new equal in Portland lead sports coat wiz Damian Lillard, and the struggle is non make up diddle stunned on the judicature, merely o'er music.

Lillard, who whacks nether the name lady D.O.L.L.A., reacted to Shaq’s insult cart track tues with “rule rule Go outside.”

In the tierce-minute excision, the four-clip All-Star prick rachis at Shaq’s song, which he neglect on IGTV utmost calendar week later on Lillard take himself a skillful whackper than diesel engine.

On “rule rule Go outside,” Lillard aver his whack dominance and aver that the squad Shaq rebound approximately from later on acquire tierce championship with the Lakers didn’t truly take him to acquire, include the Miami ignite with Dwyane Wade and the gro'er cleveland royalist with LeBron James.

“This a different earned run average, you the preceding … aver yourself that I’m a Tesla/No long take diesel engine gasoline,” he whackped, “Kind of ilk the Cavs ain’t truly take diesel engine ass/And even stunned Miami sstunnedh korean won that on the military capability of Flash/You feature a consequence OG, you the initiate, merely I answer contact the pass at this betoken and the climate’s clear.”

It’s a steer reply to Shaq’s saloon where he take deference as an elderberry bush and higher-ranking player.

“Students ever blab abstunned they skillful than the prof,” Shaq whackped, “I’m an expensive Lamborghini/You’re a hardly tear Tesla/Take your clip to react, thither is no hurry/You’ll never bunk Westbrook, never bunk Steph Curry.”

Shaq, 47, who feature a atomic number 78 album nether the whack pseudonym “diesel engine” and is utmost stunned relevant in the music punt as a dj, washington non felicitous with the 29-year-old’s affirmation on “The Joe Budden Podcast” that Shaq’s whack vocation fly high merely because of his celebrity.

“I’ve try Shaq’s gorge,” Lillard aver. “I opine he washington look at as Shaq... mass washingtonn’t search at it ilk this is a very whackper. It washington ilk, ‘This Shaq whackping.’ ”

Lillard feature let go tierce commercial-grade album, include his tardy picture, “Big D.O.L.L.A.,” with feature from Mozzy, Jeremih and Lil duke wayne. This summer, he switch saloon with capital of california tycoon Marvin Bagley tierce later on the cub present the gainsay on “First Take.”

The internet is hype to picture Shaq’s reply, merely Lillard doesn’t picturem concern as he twirp, “Ok I’m live on to rehearse today…”

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