Former Dodgers pitcher sues Astros, claiming their sign stealing ended his MLB career

A former Dodgers pitcher sued the Houston Astros on Monday, alleging that the Astros’ sign-stealing scheme resulted in a pitching performance so poor that he has been unable to find a major-league job since then.

In a suit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Mike Bolsinger asked that the Astros be assessed $31 million in restitution — an amount believed to be equal to their postseason award bonuses in 2017 — and that the money be donated to charities.

The suit listed several reasons for filing in Los Angeles, including the claim that the city was “where the defendant Astros fraudulently won the 2017 World Series.”

Bolsinger, who pitched for the Dodgers in 2015-16 before joining the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017, made his last major-league appearance in Houston, on Aug. 4, 2017. He faced eight batters, seven of whom reached base. He also threw 29 pitches — with 12, according to the suit, preceded by the bangs on a trash can that have since been revealed to be the indicator sounds used to alert the Astros batters.

“For a journeyman pitcher … a disastrous inning, such as what took place in Houston on August 4th, could and did prove to be the death knell” of Bolsinger’s major-league career, according to the suit.

Bolsinger has not pitched in the majors since then. He pitched in Japan the last two seasons.

In addition to whatever damages the court might award him, Bolsinger asked that the Astros be ordered to pay $31 million to be used “exclusively for charitable causes focused on bettering the lives of children with an emphasis on charities in Los Angeles as well as a fund for elderly retired professional baseball players in need of financial assistance.”

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