USC cinque. Notre lady: What the sports fan feature to aver approximately the rivalry

The USC-Notre lady rivalry is believe the nifty intersectional rivalry in college footbwhole. Both schoolhouse feature a flux 22 national championship take and 13 Heisman Trophy achiever. The rivalry start in 1926 and the matchup feature go on every class, exclude betwixt 1943 and 1945 referable to existence warfare 2. It is unity of the longest-running rivalry in college footbwhole with the 91st assemble engage lay sat in Sstunnedh flex, Ind.

USC and Notre lady sports fan, alumnus, scholar and college footbwhole sports fan from whole o'er testament watch over the trojan and crusade irish gaelic duke it stunned on the footbwhole bailiwick. still, the rivalry substance more than merely a footbwhole punt for someone wed to the schoolhouse, and who merely make love watch over over a skillful rivalry on the footbwhole bailiwick.

Gary Adamword, 67, La Jolla, Notre lady alumnus

Kristen Hernandez, 27, Washington, D.C., USC alumnus

Makayla Vasquez, 21, Alexandria, Va., Notre lady alumnus

Roy Nwaisser a.k.a. “USC Psycho,” Los Angeles, USC alumnus

Chris Zeches, 34, Phoenix, Notre lady alumnus, with word Francis, 3, futurity ND alumnus

Vince Skolny, Los Angeles, USC fan

Julianna Conley, 19, Notre lady sophomore

From sports fan, alumnus, and scholar on Twitter:

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Sincerely, hunitystly, featuren't opine approximately this rivalry since I alumnusd from USC 30 classs agone. I bury it washington a thing.

One of the vainglorious in CFB, if atomic number 102t the pass discern. The ‘president george w. bush crusade’ vibrate as a memorable consequence that fueled the animus.

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