With sir alexander robertus todd Gurley stunned, pound’ clash Goff feature tot up press

This won’t be the number unity clip that pound feed rachis sir alexander robertus todd Gurley baby-sit stunned against the San Francisco 49ers.

In 2017, carriage Sean McVay held stunned Gurley and other embark unityrs in the season conclusion to sleep for the turnoffs. Gurley likewise washington sideline for utmost season’s conclusion against the 49ers because of a allow for articulatio genus issue.

Both of those absence answer non count because the pound feature already clench the NFC w.

But thither ar niftyer complication to the pound’ conclusion on sat to ruler stunned Gurley for testamentiam ashley sunday’s punt against the renascent 49ers at the Coliseum.

Gurley injure his allow for thigh during utmost week’s personnel casualty to the Seattle Seahawks, which neglect the pound’ immortalize to 3-2 boilersuit and 0-1 in the NFC w. The 49ers ar 4-0, and come along ready to connect the pound and the Seahawks in a struggle for the part title.

Malcolm brown university is ask to embark on in Gurley’s lay on testamentiam ashley sunday, and cub Darrell Hterminateerson likewise testament turn. To tot up astuteness, the pound on sat signed second-year feed rachis lav gene kelly to the active voice roll from the rehearse police squad, and let go telephunity receiver Nsimba Webster.

Gurley’s absence testament lay even stunned more press on pound quarterrachis Jard Goff and a police squad that feature never befuddled more than 2 successive punts nether tierce-year carriage Sean McVay.

The utmost clip Goff turned at the Coliseum, he feature tierce rfrom from each one one wiretap and befuddled a foul up that washington reconnect for a touchdown in a personnel casualty to the Tampa true laurel sea rover. He engage skillful tterminateing of the orchis against the Seahawks.

Goff testament take to be especially wakeful against a 49ers vindication that is abruptly among the most clipserving in the NFL.

The 49ers ar wed for second in the NFL with 11 takeaways, include septet interception and quaternion foul ups.

It’s a all over turnabstunned from utmost season, when the 49ers grade utmost in the NFL in takeaways, wiretap merely 2 rfrom from each one one and reco'ering cinque foul ups.

The 49ers likewise feature 13 shift. fishing tackle disaffosleep Buckner and terminate chip Bosa from from each one one feature tierce. fishing tackle Arik Armstead and terminate Dee Ford feature 2 from from each one one. Cornerrachis Richard Sherman feature 2 of the 49ers’ septet interception.

“They’ve dunity a nifty problem of part at the orchis, pull the orchis stunned, plug the orchis stunned and so approximately of those baksheesh and o'erthrows that feature go on, they’ve engage full moon reward of them,” aver Shane Waldron, the pound’ pass-punt coordinator.

Goff this season feature reach — and flex o'er the orchis — more oft than he answer through cinque punts in 2018.

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During a 5-0 embark on utmost season, Goff all overd 120 of 166 rfrom from each one one for 1,727 1000 and 12 touchdown, with merely quaternion interception. He foul up tierce clips.

This season, he feature all overd 140 of 222 rfrom from each one one for 1,649 1000 and septet touchdown, with septet interception. He feature foul up quaternion clips.

Goff grade tierce in the NFL in 1000 rfrom each one, merely he is wed with flat Ryan of the capital of georgia falcon and banter grace ethel cecile rosalie allen of the american bison broadsheet for the second-most interception.

Last Thursday, Goff all overd 29 of 49 rfrom from each one one for 395 1000 and a touchdown, with unity interception, in the pound’ 30-29 personnel casualty to the Seahawks.

That performance come up merely quaternion sidereal day later on he all overd 45 of 68 rfrom from each one one for 517 1000 and 2 touchdown — merely feature quaternion turno'er — in a 55-40 get the better of by the sea rover.

Goff is awar of the 49ers’ taste for produce turno'er merely aver he would feel no surplus press to deem onto the orchis testamentiam ashley sunday.

“Just be yourself,” he aver.

Goff feature a holocene epoch chronicle of winner against the 49ers.

In tierce punts during the utmost 2 season, Goff reach for a flux ennead touchdown withstunned an interception against 49ers police squad that station a flux immortalize of 10-22.

But today the 49ers come along to be on cart track nether tierce-year carriage Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers and the defterminateing extremely Bowl wiz New England patriot ar the NFL’s merely unbeaten police squad.

“The pound feature make up at the pass of our part these 2 geezerhood, and feature feature 2 nifty geezerhood,” Shanahan aver. “So we’re try to let to where they’ve make up.”

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