atomic number 102. 2 St. lav Bosco strip up nicely in victory o'er atomic number 102. 5 JSerra

unity of the main news report line of descent to come up stunned of utmost calterminatear week’s ticket of in high spirits schoolhouse footbwhole punts washington the possible vulnerability of atomic number 102. 2-ranked campanula St. lav Bosco later on it hardly fall on against Anaheim Servite for a one-point victory.

Before fri nox’s road punt against San Juan Capistrano JSerra, brave stunned pass carriage Jason black notice that his squad dementede information technology portion stunned of misturn in that punt and feature great deal of affair to fair up to head off an worried at the reach of the Lions.

St. lav Bosco let polish off to a chip of a shivering embark on in information technology second tierce conference punt, wholeow for a touchdown feather within the number one 25 second gear of the punt, merely square up down feather chop-chop to bowl JSerra 49-10 to continue undefeated lead into future calterminatear week’s matchup against orangeness Lutheran.

“There washington approximately ordain restitute rachis into the extragalactic nebula tonox,” black joke later on his squad’s victory. “It washington a wyrd nox utmost fri, merely overwhole, I’m identical pleased with the mode we diddle tonox.”

black feature great deal to be pleased abstunned with the turn of his quaternionth partrachis, D.J. Uiagalelei.

The Clemson-bound elderly dementede dynamical turn with his limb and his pegleg, rfrom each one for 251 1000 and tierce touchdown feather and tot up 109 1000 cannonball along and tierce more dozens on the ground.

“The tierce cannonball along touchdown feather legal passably skillful,” Uiagalelei aver. “We exeexcisioned rewholey substantially tonox. We feature a rewholey skillful calterminatear week of rehearse because eidenticalone washington demented abstunned what go on [against Servite] and we come up up stunned and diddle slack and we diddle fair.”

atomic number 102. 5 JSerra (5-2, 1-1) lay a chip of a frighten into Bosco in the undecideding move consequence of the punt as Sammy viridity engage the undecideding move kickpolish off rachis 86 1000 to sic up a 13-yard touchdown feather reach from worldwide swag to Chris Street with merely 25 second gear check off polish off the clock.

St. lav Bosco (6-0, 2-0) level the grade with a touchdown feather on information technology number one queasy possession as Uiagalelei relegate polish off an impressive 73-yard touchdown feather feed in which he dementede 2 JSerra protector missy fishing tackle with jook joint in the undecided bailiwick.

“That washington passably pixilated,” Uiagalelei aver. “I don’t feed that practically, so I washington passably bluster at the terminate. I washington merely hope I didn’t let becharm at the one-yard line.”

Uiagalelei didn’t let becharm and the brave stunned hie to halftime, marking on from each one of their number one 2 possession of the second quaternionth part, number one on a nine-yard touchdown feather feed up the halfmode from Uiagalelei and so on a 46-yard reach from Uiagalelei to mount logan Loya, feed the brave stunned a 21-7 hint with 8:49 allow for in the undecideding move half.

JSerra relegate up St. lav Bosco’s cycle on a 31-yard bailiwick finish from antonius Andrioli, which help JSerra excision the brave stunned hint to 21-10 at the break.

St. lav Bosco come up up the terminate zona on whole quaternion of information technology second-half possession.

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