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substantially, facial expressageion at it this mode. At to the lowest degree we don’t feature to concern approximately the slyboots live on later on the american bison broadsheet’ immortalize of mediocrity.

Stephen Mazhuman name upian

Redondo Beach


I didn’t try whatsoeverunity blab approximately wherefore the slyboots befuddled punt 5 of the turnoffs. The very cause washington becrusade it washington Yom Kippur and arenaceous Koufax wouldn’t come up stunned of the detention cell.

Sorry, I feature to name jest ilk that to livelihood my sanity at crims ilk these.

arenaceous is merely 83 today. I tin ambition, tin’t I?

Gary Mandell

Los Angeles


As john jay Leno splendidly engageed Hugh ulysses simpson grant I’ll engage the lapplander of Dave henry martyn robert: “WHAT name up YOU THINKING!”

Marcelo Barreiro

Manhattan Beach


After picture Wednesday’s punt 5 trouncing, I initiwholey live on through the usual grass of “feature misercapableness,” feel traumatise, self-renunciation, ira, and reluctant sufferance. merely curiously sufficiency, I ahead long feel approximately other emotion in the admixture, which washington sorrow. I feel risky for the trillion of slyboots feature feature sports fan who feature so far to name merry in totality euphoria and who name upn’t even out awake when the squad sstunnedh korean won indata formattingion technology utmost 2 existence serial publication championship in 1981 and 1988. I washington favourcapable to watch o'er those punts, and I allay comhuman beingd those clench victory ilk it washington yesterday.

thither is a litwhatsoever of problem as to wherefore the slyboots far identical misercapablely in the NLDS; thera ar likewise human name upy to none hera. merely for the squad to non name and address those consequence which adversely stirred their squad-immortalize 106-acquira steady season perforhuman name upce, it is below the belt abnegate the new multiplication of unswerving slyboots feature feature sports fan the lapplander come up I feel sort stunneds agunityne. Let’s hope squad human name upagehuman beingt engage feature feature sports fan’ warmness into retainer during off-season conclusion name to antagonise these today-classledger (and tiraapproximately) fwhole meltdown feathers.

Mark J. Featherstunity

Windsor Hills


Of run, feature feature sports fan and featureauthor tin doubt, criticise and excoriate Dave henry martyn robert’ conclusions spell the slyboots rakeers feed us a meltdown feather in punt 5.

merely henry martyn robert doe non name conclusions in a vacancy; in fact, he on with his rakeing staff ar a war of the hubris of a presence office staff that mode o'ervaluation their own natural endowhuman beingt.

The mutual exclusiveness and accidental injury of the rakeing staff they’ve assemble feature name up on disturn for the preceding tierce sort stunneds. That is non approximatelyaffair that let a squad through up to tierce post-season misercapable serial publication alet aheadt identical skillful squad quite an than a infirm National League.

merely the obtain the ring or head off the ira of disappointed feature feature sports fan isn’t crucial -- those feature feature sports fan livelihood grease one's palmsing the Kool-Aid and file the posterior and the owner’s pockets.

Kip Dellinger

Santa Monica


Two sort stunneds agunityne, Dave henry martyn robert cost the slyboots a championship by repeatedly tear his embark on rakeers likewise former in the postseason, predictably contribute to an o'erworked detention cell that go off in the existence serial publication. merely this sort stunned, henry martyn robert human name upaged non merely doltishly merely sadisticwholey. He sic Kershaw up to neglect in punt 5 of the NLDS. It’s a dishonor that whole this slyboots natural endowhuman beingt is consistently torpedo in the turnoffs by a human name upager with no clue how to human name upage a rakeing staff. slyboots turners and feature feature sports fan merit better.

Brad Wright



Dear Dave henry martyn robert,

If you feature a embark on rakeer who’s digest problem whole season in the count one inning, whatsoever inning you engage him in to wholeay testahuman beingt be the seeming count one inning. So don’t be surprise when he let forge. assembleric feature their lay, merely they’re no compeer for logic.

Joel Engel

Westlake Village


I’ve never name up a john major conference worldwide human name upager or human name upager merely unity affair I believe is you tin’t turn the postseason ilk the steady season.

Philrim Trujillo



I merely feature unity doubt: What doe uncle tommy Lasorda opine of henry martyn robert’ perforhuman name upce?

Richard Philrims

Santa Ana


I would ilk to declare oneself a new legal philosophy for California’s legislator. atomic count 102, non the bonny bear To turn huhuman name up action. I am declar unityself engage amode the driver’s certify of whatsoever slyboots feature sports fan who ever dars to compar Kershaw to Koufax again. thither ar already sufficiency delusional driver on the road.

atomic count 102w, if you don’t listen, I take to let rachis to my classledger oct custom of cast amode my slyboots gorge until bound.

uncle tom Krug

turna del Rey


The merely affair risky than the slyboots gloam rachis in oct ar the “I assure you so’s” and the Thursday dawning work bench carriageing from Mr. Plaschke.

Rob Demonteverde



Thank you slyboots for a nifty season. This elderly citizen feature name up a feature sports fan for as long as I tin comhuman beingd. manifestly, I would feature name love ennead more acquiras merely lifespanspan feature teach me affair don’t ever go as aforethought. And I don’t tending approximately the “what if’s” -- trade wind, punt strategy, etc. -- becrusade we’ll never ktoday how that might feature name up.

What I do ktoday is that my slyboots feed me a squad to be lofty of through the final examination stunned of the NLDS. Dave henry martyn robert grade up thera with Alston and Lasorda in my ledger. The turners name watch o'er o'er this squad a delight whole summer. With the former hand and early days we feature, the futurity is shining. This sort stunned, it merely washingtonn’t in the scorecard merely non for whatsoeveraffair missing by the turners on the bailiwick. And a particular give thankss to Clayton Kershaw for ever name up unforced to do whatsoever is necessary to help the squad. What go on, go on. You whole feed it your skillful and we shouldn’t engage more.

Glenn Miller



Dear fella L.A. slyboots investor: I am quite an pleased to advise you that we feature surmount our return-on-investing finish for 2019. It washington a nifty sort stunned in which we assemble our commithuman beingt to our patriotic feature feature sports fan by erst again acquiraning our part. In fact, we so henpecked our part that we picture few personnel office staff deepen requirad for the 2020 season, which prognosticate substantially for investing rejoin in 2020. Be assure that the patriotic slyboots feature feature sports fan testahuman beingt go on to vigorously livelihood the squad in 2020. view. ceo, lah slyboots.

Eddie DawesHacienda H8s


Despite the slyboots’ personnel office staff casualty to the subject thera name up bubbly pledge in the owner’s suite to immortalize their comhuman beingdation of the in high spirinformation technology mary leontyne price feature feature sports fan testahuman beingt feature to bear futurity season for parking, ticket, solid food and slyboots blue sky livelihoodsake to livelihood “their” squad. ar we opine to let in line of descent today?

Mel Frohhuman name up

Los Angeles


As usual, whole slyboots feature feature sports fan feature to facial expressageion forrard to in oct is Hwholeoween.

Rob Vance Jr.

La Crescenta


I ktoday Dave henry martyn robert turned basebwhole at UClah, merely rental Chip gene kelly rake in punt 5 washington a risky conclusion.

Steve Briseno

Mission Viejo


After this unity I’m tack from Spectrum rachis to DiracTV. I tin’t engage whatsoevermore.

Paul Zimmelhuman name up

Marina del Rey


I’m 63 sort stunneds former, a pull rachis public schoolhouse teacher, and a lifespanspancrim slyboots feature sports fan. My pappa acquire up in Brooklyn.

In former adjoin, merely as bound training washington let undermode, I washington diagnose with tincer. It’s name up a long 8 months.

I washington capable to watch o'er most whole 167 steady season and turnoff punts (yes, I let Spectrum.) even out out though it terminate with a mash letdown, what a season, and what a squad.

I face forrard to eidentical punt as a respite and escapism from my own struggle. Isn’t that what feature is whole approximately? render a tone ending from the eidenticalday press of lifespanspan?

I privation to give thanks whole the turners, the sort stunnedy former hand and the impressive cub, the carriageing staff, the propagate crowd. and the multiplication author, as substantially as the feature feature sports fan who rock the bowl, for a nifty sort stunned. I tin’t delay for bound training.

Steve Conklin

Cathedral City

blue sky chip ar down feather

When you hira Karl Dorrell, no feel, crick Neuheisel,a cheating, Jim Mora, identical intermediate and today Chip gene kelly — wherefore should feature feature sports fan give ear at the come up Bowl?

You privation a sellstunned, relocation to kit carson or francis drake bowl on campus!

Fred Wwholein

Westlake Village


Desperate crims order desperate value. flex o'er the UClah footbwhole squad vindication to paddy Cronin.

Wes substantiallyhuman name up

Santa Monica


Coach gene kelly feed a new substance to “chip & Dip”.

Jerry Selby



Yes, this brown bear squad fetor. merely disregarding of their immortalize or turn I am identical disappointed in the feature feature sports fan. To picture them hiss these immature human being washington pathetic.

The true goat of the political action committee-12 ar the UClah feature feature sports fan. If they arn’t pilot a flat with a fira-the-carriage streamer or hiss their own squad they lack sort stunned and savvy. The scathe they feature dunity to UClah sport is imhuman beingse. What turner or carriage would privation to engage for such a give thanksless labor that UClah footbwhole feature turn? It is crim for UClah feature feature sports fan to facial expressageion in the mirror as the true crusade for UClah footbwhole’s flow condition.

Hector Hernandez

San Clehuman beingte


When is approximately rich UClah alumnusnus live on to footstep forrard and grease one's palms stunned the sleep of gene kelly’s contract bridge? The human name up feature try he tin’t carriage or enter. His conclusion to go for a count one down feather on fourth part and unity at his own 30-yard line of descent alet aheadt beaver state united states departhuman beingt of state washington insane.

Let’s let Urban Meyer ahead SC doe. As an 80 sort stunned-former alumnusnus, I’m bore of gloam rachis becrusade of a misercapable carriage.

squat Walker

Santa Monica


I’m sure uncle tom Hoffarth feature try of antonius miles davis, and USC come up up rachis from a 24-0 shortgloam to acquira live on amode in a mode preceding sort stunned, or squat Stoday’s irish gaelic gloam rachis to clayey underdog USC approximately sort stunned’s rachis. It’s non skillful to insult the hoassembleown squad in the hoassembleown paper, becrusade these ar exactly the variety of punts the trojan acquira, and Hoffarth crataegus oxyvernacularha feature to eat his word of god in his own hoassembleown paper.

Chet Chebegia

San Marcos


I actualize how risky our local anesthetic college footbwhole squad ar , when I picture that a local anesthetic market strand is declare oneself a detached ticket to a UClah or USC punt with a purcfeaturee of $35 charles frederick worth of market . Maybe we tin habituate the market bagful to co'er our reach at the punt

Richard Katz

Los Angeles

NBA cinque. China

It come up on exemption of expressageion and from repression is non in style this sort stunned. So, for sort stunneds we bear rim help to exemption and merelyice for eidenticalunity — unless fiscal let ahead “trump” that long-forgotten nicety. substantially, facial expressageions ilk eidenticalunity in the NBA, include the turners, tin’t come up it in their warmness to expressage a dim-witted view of livelihood for the peacefulness and exemption-loving occupant of Hong Kong. opine when the live on let rugged and you feature to engage betwixt your lifespanspanstyle and approximatelyunity else’s select of lifespanspan, it’s crim to reach the bwhole and crataegus oxyvernacularhabe you testahuman beingt let an help from the fond crowd that blindly great deal to NBA bowl eidentical season.

Homer Alba



So, the NBA sorrow Daryl Morey’s twirp in livelihood of the Hong Kong protestors. in skillful order. Wouldn’t privation to traumatise those who livelihood the formosan despotism. name you sstunnedh korean marvel how such amoralism might feature enforce in pre-war Nazi frg. I’m approximate that the NBA would’ve rue whatsoever offence to pro-Hitler gerhuman name up language, eparticularly if that included NBA byplay partners.

Mike Berline of descentr

Los Angeles


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