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saint elmo's fire Centennial cinque. saint nicholas Ana flat Dei at saint nicholas Ana bowl, 7:30 p.m.

Neither squad could come up a nonleague opposer, so flat Dei, which is grade atomic number 102. 1 in the Southland, and atomic number 102. 3 Centennial make up one's mind they’d facial expression polish off in a season untier that should like a shot terminateanger military capability and helplessness. Centennial allay feature a risky try from feature quaternion reach rejoin for touchdown in a 48-14 semi examination playpolish off personnel casualty to the milkweed butterfly utmost season. To be successful this clip, Centennial’s queasy line of descent mustiness produce chance to feed the orchis. The eskimo dog’ vindication, contribute by defensive attitude terminate Korey Foreman, should be a skillful run for a flat Dei squad that testament be part in a new mathematical group of telephone telephone receiver for quarterback Bryce immature. The foot: flat Dei.

Downey cinque. saint elmo's fire del blemish at Newport entertain, 7 p.m.

The saint elmo's fire del blemish tierce of quarterback Ethan Garbers, telephone receiver lav Humphreys and pixilated terminate blemishk Redman start their quaternionth and final examination class in concert in by-line of a southerly segment championship. Downey is part in a new quarterback and inpatternation technology secondary coil skillful be in midseason pattern. The foot: saint elmo's fire del blemish.

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