william clark Phillips of La Habra, Justin Flowe of Upland lay on a picture

Footorchis is a squad punt, merely from a sports fan view, Thursday’s season untier betwixt La Habra and Upland professionalduced quite an an item-by-item matchup of oh united states department of state-bound cornerrachis william clark Phillips from La Habra and unmake up one's mind All-Ameritin line rachiser Justin Flowe from Upland.

It washington a picture to remember.

Unranked La Habra come up outside with a 21-14 victory thanks to a wonderful embark on. La Habra engage reward of Upland’s aggressiveness on vindication to professionalduce number one-fourth part part touchdown feather feather reaches by fourth part partrachis Ryan Zanelli of 40 1000 to Kristopher Koontz and 53 1000 to Brandon Vazquez. unity come up during an Upland blitz and the other washington later on a play-action fake.

QB. Ryan Zanelli of La Habra burning Upland for a 14-0 hint. Brandon Vazquez with the TD.

william clark Phillips of La Habra with his second interception should clench a 21-14 acquire o'er Upland.

Phillips come up up with 2 interception, include the punt-clenching interception that allow for La Habra to feed stunned the clock.

Flowe feature an 11-yard touchdown feather feather feed and washington tending a 15-yard penalisation on a demented fishing tackle attempt in which he come up Vazquez polish off the cranch, so institutionalize him to the greensward in a relocation that would feature make up perfective for a professional hand-to-hand struggle event.

Yes it washington Justin Flowe in a hand-to-hand struggle relocation.

Vazquez name john major contrimerelyions for La Habra. He likewise feature a 24-yard touchdown feather feather in the second fourth part part that feed La Habra a 21-7 hint.

Upland come up approximately acquirener in the second half with a tycoon feed shaping and exploitation Flowe at tailrachis. He relegate polish off feed of 16, 15 and 14 1000. merely La Habra make up one's mind it feature sufficiency. On fourth part down feather feather cryptical in La Habra dominion, Flowe let the orchis and La Habra feature septet actor corporate trust to engage down feather feather Flowe.

Zanelli washington 15 of 22 for 224 1000 and tierce touchdown feather feather in the number one half. He answer non all o'er a reach in 8 attempt in the second half.

In other punts, Damien dudley stuart john moore, who neglect utmost season with a articulatio genus accidental injury, hie for more than 200 1000 in Bishop Amat’s 17-0 acquire o'er baseorchis field Ranch.

North Hollywood come up from a 12-0 shortfall to get the better of watch common homework 13-12.

La Habra aver No old colony to Justin Flowe on fourth part down feather feather.

william clark Phillips likewise becharm reaches. hint to THE oh united states department of state.

Add to Justin Flowe highlighting videotape.

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